Passage Cover, artwork by Ione Rucquoi

Passage, out now as a beautiful limited edition poetry collection with a music album CD insert, or as a music album download.

Passage marks Oshin’s inner journey following her first birth, its physical and emotional repercussions, her subsequent experience of new parenthood and, eventually, her second birth which happened at home without a midwife.

Passage as a music album was written, performed and produced by Mila Oshin in collaboration with her long-term artistic partner and the father of her children, Kris Jager, with whom she has worked as artist duo Drunk With Joy for over ten years.

“I am moved by the sustained anguish yet calm contained in these poems.”
Dr Andrea Liss, author ‘Feminist Art and the Maternal’, USA

“I love the poems so much. Thank you for your courage in writing about motherhood with such passion and clarity.”
H Pen, Doula, UK

“Brave, brilliant and important work. I’ll never forget your performance at the Project AfterBirth opening, amazing.”
E Finucane, Artist, Ireland