Mila Oshin is an independent music artist, poet, voice, composer, lecturer, curator and filmmaker. She is one half of artist duo Drunk With Joy, curator/producer at Joy Experiment and co-founder/co-director of the Digital Institute for Early Parenthood (DIEP). Her work explores and exposes experiences at the core of what it means to be a womb-bearer, especially those hidden, shamed, unacknowledged, or neglected.


HOME, the new music album by unpop artists Mila Oshin and Kris Jager (aka Drunk With Joy) is out now on drunkwithjoy.bandcamp.com and all major online retailers. Scroll down to listen for free. 

HOME is about desire.

HOME is about desire as an emotion that is at the heart and helm of every journey we undertake and yet is feared, shamed or denied in (m)others, while celebrated in everyone else.

HOME is about what can happen if our desire gets relegated to the back row, forced to hang around in the dark, invisible, neglected, unacknowledged, denied, yet forceful, persistent and present as ever, especially in the rare moments we find ourselves alone, in between the holding, look-aftering, posing…

HOME is about finding out that desire is something that only gets stronger the more it is starved.

HOME is about desire that, when left to reside in our mind, can delude us, or even destroy us.

HOME is about desire, not always for the right person.

HOME is about desire and how, in the end, it always loses from love.

HOME is about how it may not be too late by then, but only if we’re very lucky.

By Mila Oshin, December 2020