PASSAGE is a new contemporary music album by subversive British artist/curator/husband & wife duo Mila Oshin and Kris Jager (aka Drunk With Joy), written in response to their two opposed birth experiences, the first of which left Oshin with permanent physical trauma.

PASSAGE was inspired by Mila Oshin‘s poetry collection of the same name, in which she marked her inner journey following her first birth and its physical and emotional repercussions, her subsequent experience of new parenthood and, eventually, her remarkable second birth at home.

Each of the songs on the PASSAGE album were written, performed and produced by Mila Oshin in collaboration with her long-term artistic partner and the father of her children, Kris Jager, with whom she has worked as artist duo Drunk With Joy for over ten years.

PASSAGE is available as a music download as well as a beautiful limited edition poetry collection with a music album CD insert, accompanied by two new Drunk With Joy short films/music videos: